Items You Didn't Know You Needed Until You Had Kids - Wet Bags

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Uses for a wet bag.
There seems to be a never ending list of things that you need once you've had a baby. Let's talk about wet/dry bags and answer a few F.A.Q's.

FAQ: What is a wet/dry bag?  Why are some only called wet bags?
A: A wet/dry bag is a zippered bag that is usually made of a waterproof material (similar to that used for cloth diaper covers). Wet/dry bags have two compartments, one to keep dry clothing dry, and one compartment for wet clothing. A wet bag only has one compartment.

FAQ: Why do I need a wet bag?
A:  Babies are messy. Children are messy. Adults are messy. When you're out on the go it's a quick and effective way to store dirty items in your diaper bag, stroller or car. It keeps the dirty things contained. There is an unending list of uses for them. I currently use a wet bag in my car as a reusable, washable, zip up trash can. The biggest bonus is that wet bags are washable, reusable, and help keep plastic out of the landfills.

FAQ: Why do I need a wet/dry bag?  
A: Wet/ Dry bags are often used to store a day's worth of clothing. As baby soils clothing, the dirty clothes can go in the "wet" section, while the clean clothes can stay in the "dry" section. The two compartment system is also a great way to keep things organized. Examples are: Toiletries in one pocket, jammies in the second pocket when going to someone's house over night. Swim goggles, swim shoes, and a brush in one pocket, and swimsuit and towel in the second pocket. Toys for child number one in the first pocket, and toys for child number two in the second pocket, etc.  The wet/ dry bags are also great to have around for toys, cords and charger storage for travel, snack storage, make-up, and so much more.

FAQ: Where can I buy wet bags and wet/dry bags? 
A:  You can shop our store and find Wet Bags and Wet/ Dry Bags HERE.

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